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Madonna, "Like A Prayer" / 1989 Review by: Bryan
This album has got to be Madonna's most excellent piece of work to this date and a definite late 80's must-have. It presents a personal look into Madonna behind the marketing and the #1 hits. This album explores Madonna's R&B roots, most evident in the title track, "Express Yourself" "Keep It Together", both tributes to Sly & The Family Stone. Then we get the usual Madonna song in "Cherish" and to a lesser degree "Till Death Do Us Part". Perhaps this is the most stunning track in the album, presenting a dance floor type single with an uplifting beat until the words are paid attention to, telling a tale of a disfunctional marriage. "Promise To Try" and "Oh Father" are tributes to each of Madonna's parents, while "Dear Jessie" and "Act Of Contrition" add to the lighter side of the album. The album is a perfect mix of black and white, happy and sad, dance songs and ballads, the old Madonna and the new Madonna. There's something for everyone in perhaps one of the best albums ever made.

Rating: 10 out of 10

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