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Madonna, "True Blue" / 1986 Review by: Bryan
"True Blue" presented Madonna's first step to maturity through the wonderful opening singles, "Live To Tell", a ballad from "At Close Range" and the controversial "Papa Don't Preach". Both these tracks highlight her growth and her newly found songwriting, which was not on many of the "Like A Virgin" tracks. Other highlights include probably Madonna's catchiest dance tune since "Into The Groove", "Open Your Heart", as well as the wonderful "White Heat". "La Isla Bonita" slows the pace down, with the Spanish influenced lyrics and beat, certainly one of the finest tracks Madonna has made. The rest of the album is faster in pace, but certainly not as catchy as "Open Your Heart" or "White Heat" and the other single "True Blue", with its 50's influence, does not live up to the other singles in the album.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

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