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Metallica, "Master Of Puppets" / 1986 Review by: Ron
Now when most people think of Metallica they either think of "Enter Sandman" or the new LOAD stuff. This stuff is okay, but they neglect to realize that Metallica's real music came at the begining. With their fast guitar, bass and drum riffs, and their intense lyrics about drug abuse, war, mental unbalance, and, of course, destruction "Master Of Puppets" abused our tape players and turntables. Many call this one of the best metal albums of all times, and I absolutely agree. They also proved that they could still write great music after this with the "...And Justice For All" album, but it didn't have the intensity of "Puppets". This album also has what has been called the eulogy of the late-great Cliff Burton, the mid section to "Orion". This is one piece of music that you don't want to miss.

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