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Metallica, "The $5.98 EP-Garage Days Re-Revisited" / 1987 Review by: L Zolgen
Another lost Metallica EP taken and put in Garage Inc. The oringinal '5.98 EP was all covers Including, Diamond's Helpless and Misfits's Last Caress. First record Jason Newsted was on. The cover is just a photo of the group with the title written in orange pen. Program: 1.Helpless, 2.The Small Hours, 3.The Wait, 4.Crash Course in Brain Surgery, 5.Last Caress/Green Hell. There would be a version in Europe that didnt have The Wait on it. Contains full program on each side. Elektra/Asylum Records.Was available on 33 1/3 12" Vinyl, Cassette, and CD. There would also be The $9.98 CD-Garage Days Revisited that was the same EP but with bonus tracks. Just like Whiplash, Jump in the Fire, and Creeping Death it is an Out of print EP. 7/10. (10 being the best)

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