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Metallica, "Whiplash" / 1983 Review by: L Zolgen
Metallica's first single EP. Very low budget. Cover uses Kill 'Em All template but insted of the words "KILL 'EM ALL" it reads "WHIPLASH" and instead of the hammer and blood it had a photograph of James Hetfield with a special effects to make it look like he was moving fast. Pressed by Megaforce Records, only available on 33 1/3 12" vinyl or cassette tape. It had the same B-side as the "Jump in the Fire" EP would have a year later. has Neckbrace Remix of Whiplash that is way better than the orignal Whiplash. Program: Side-A"Studio Side" 1. Jump in the Fire, 2.Whiplash (Neckbrace Remix). Side-B"Live Side" 1.Seek and Destroy, 2.Phantom Lord. of course the "Live Side" has all live tracks and Phantom Lord sounds kind of ruff. The inner sleeve had no lyrics. Original Megaforce ID# MRS-04. A year later on the second print they would add (Anesthsia)-Pulling Teeth as a bonus track. The back cover has concert Photos of the group including Cliff Burton. I give it 9.5/10 (10 being the best) This EP and the Kill 'Em All LP rule!!!

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