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Michael Jackson, "Thriller" / 1982 Review by: charles
1982 was the year pop was born when Michael Jackson forever changed the world of music with what is the greatest selling album of all time Thriller, there isnt a single person who has not heard of this album, hit after hit Michael Jackson even invited everyones favorite Beatle to add a little spice to it, this album is nothing less than extrodinary, the rest of his albums have had no other goal than to beat those records set by Thriller, Motown 25 helped pull Thrillers sales through the roof, Thriller the video (the video cuts out a small part of the song)the video is nothing short of amazing and Billie Jean in my opinion one of Michael's most popular song, Thriller was great but most people only payed attention to the video. Billie Jean: A classic Michael Jackson hit this one is without a doubt one of Michael's most memorable songs. The girl is mine: Michael Jackson was a genius to bring in legendary beatle and wings frontman Paul Mccartney to sing on this with him, the little argument at the end is brilliant Baby be mine: this has a great beat that makes you want to dance, it was never made into a video but it is a really good song there are so many good songs on here, the last song is probably the sweetest but least listned to on the album. I give this album a 10 out of 10 pure genius.

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