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M, "New York, London, Paris, Munich" / 1979 Review by: Gary Perkins
Everyone has heard of M. At least everyonhas heard Pop Muzik, M's world-wide hit from 1979 which opens this album. Nothing on the album quite reaches the hights of Pop Muzik, but lets face it, how could it? However, the rest of the album should not be dismissed as pap music. This is a potent mix Giorgio Moroder style Eurodisco and some of the catchiest pop songs ever recorded. The other two minor UK hits on the album, Moonlight and Muzak and Thatís the Way the Money Goes deserved far better in terms of chart success. But really, anything on the album deserved to be a hit. Songs like Cowboys and Indians, Unite Your Nation and Made in Munich leap out of the speakers and say DANCE! Can this album really be 20 year old? It was so far ahead of its time you would never know. Get that CD re-issue. NOW!

9 out of 10.

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