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Moroder, Giorgio, "Innovisions" / 1985 Review by: TooYoo
Do you know Giorgio Moroder? Of course, you do. Have you ever watched "Midnight Express", "American Gigolo", "Flashdance", "Electric Dreams", "Neverending Story" or "Top Gun"? All the soundtracs are written and produced by Moroder (as to "Top Gun", only a part of it). He worked with Donna Summer,Freddie Mercury, David Bowie... Recently a lot of tribute albums to Moroder have appeared but his genuine music is better than the latest remixes. "Innivisions" is a compilation of rare tracks of Moroder's middle period. The album includes several songs performed by Paul Engemann:"Shannon's Eyes", "American Dream", "Face To Face" and an unforgetable hymn "Reach Out"; Brian Reeves' remix of "The Chase" (theme from "Midnight Express"),a couple of famous soundtracks such as "Lady, Lady, Lady" and "My Girl" (both from "Flashdance", performed by Joe Bean Esposito),single version of hit "Baby Blue". The rest is also the best Giorgio's works. Unfortunately, this compilation is a rarity today. It was reprinted in 1992 but only in Italy. Viva Giorgio, an Italian who made music for the Americans in his German studios. He has been named "Father of electronic disco". In my opinion he is the all time greatest disco producer of the world.

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