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Motley Crue, "Too Fast For Love" / 1982 Review by: Gerald F. Schoone
When one sees the ump-teenth Motley Crue reunion, DO NOT equate the product of any reunion(s) with Crue albums of 1982, 1983 (Shout At The Devil), or 1985 (Theatre of Pain). MC from 1982-85 is the 80's metal-band peak and these three albums are unmatched in the genre. "Too Fast . ." is raw, strong and consistent throughout. Every song has a purpose, which also can be said for Shout at the Devil, and most, nearly all, of Theatre. All too often the genre is plagued with repetitiveness, and/or banality of the songs that are repetitive. MC in their peak is beyond this. MC since their peak is just this--overkill on narrow themes, which saw overkill 10-15 years ago; how much less useful now?? "Too Fast" is inciteful on the beginnings of the hair band/pop-metal era of 82-89 that saw lower-octane versions in Bon Jovi, Poison, Cinderella, Warrant, etc. After the brief peak of 82-85, there was only a slide, culminating in Nelson, Firehouse, as the last gasp in the 90's. "Shout At The Devil" may be even more brilliant than Too Fast. Too Fast has a slight edge for playability and musical merit, but Shout is a complete thought pattern from beginning to end. It would have made a great horror soundtrack, and better idea would have been to base the horror movie on the finished album. Too Fast: 10 of 10 Shout at: 10 of 10 Theatre: 9 of 10

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