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Music, "Madonna - Who's that Girl?" / 1987 Review by: Vinatieri
Two of Madonna's greatest hits. 'Who's that Girl?' and 'Causing a Commotion'. This album suffered from bad reviews from the movie 'Who's That Girl?'. Even Madonna's 1987 Who's that Girl tour would be changed later to "Cioa Italia". With no trace that it was called the Who's That Girl tour. Even the MTv/VH1 version was called Ciao Italia. In my opion Madonna had four great songs on there; 'Who's that Girl', 'Causing a Commotion', 'Look of Love', and 'Can't Stop'. The album did better overseas. They got 3 Madonna videos. Some of America got 2, including 'Causing a Commotion', released from 1987 MTv Music Awards. I thought the movie wasn't bad compared to other blockbuster hits that we see nowadays.

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