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New Order, "Technique" / 1989 Review by: Bojan Bembic
Last great 80s album, first classic of the early 90s and definitely one of the New Order's finest.

Influenced by the modern electronic sounds coming from Ibiza, half of the album ('Fine Time', 'Round & Round', 'Mr. Disco', 'Vanishing Point') is a brilliant blend of their "traditional" electronic sound with the modern one which coudn't have existed without their revolutionary singles from the early 80's.

Second half shows New Order doing what they were really best at: crafting brilliant guitar-driven alternative pop songs, and these five songs ('All the Way', 'Love Less', 'Guilty Partner', 'Run', 'Dream Attack') are definitely their best, and perhaps best five guitar-driven pop songs of the whole decade. Incorporating brilliant melodies, they sum up the best of the 80's alternative pop sensibility, and on the other hand opening the music landscapes for the 90's, something that Joy Division did in the late 70's for the 80's.

Brilliant album in all of the aspects, one that sounds as fresh today as it sounded back in the time of release.

Definitely 10 out of 10.

P.S. please, excuse me on my not so perfect english.

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