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Nitro, "O.F.R" / 1989 Review by: Murray
Ultra hair metal, what more can one say about Nitro? Apart from having the most ultrasuperginormous hair of all, there are some genuine merits to this album, although about the only place you'll ever find it is in the 2 dollar bin. Firstly, the vocals of Jim Gillette reach some astounding highs, perhaps lacking the power of Rob Halford, but definitely able to hit most of the notes. Secondly, Rob Rock's drumming on the album has it's moments - the drum solo opening "Fighting Mad" is nothing to be sniffed at. Thirdly, the completely outrageous hair metal stench that surrounds the album, one just has to look at the song titles to get a whiff of what is to be expected. Finally, by far the best point of the album is Michael Angelo on the axe. The man shreds the thing up faster than anyone, although I feel his playing lacks the character, but the sheer speed is phenomenal. In the end, when you see this print in the bottom of the budget bin, I recommend you fork out the couple of bucks, it would be a shame to miss a vital piece of hair metal history!

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