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Ozzy Osbourne, "Blizzard of Ozz" / 1981 Review by: Michael Rohm
So, this is the debut album by Ozzy and damn is it good! Ozzy has had a knack of getting his hands on good guitarists and Randy is certainly one of the best; one can only wonder what he and Ozzy would have done had he not been involved in that unfortunate accident.. sigh.. This album is a classic in heavy metal (whether you like Ozzy or not, really) and while I don't like it as much as Diary of a Madman ("Revelation Mother Earth," while good, never really manages to hold my interest, and "Steal Away" just kind of bores me, to be honest) it's still a pretty darned sucessful debut CD and one of those key albums in 80s metal music.

9 out of 10.

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