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Paul McCartney, "Tug Of War" / 1982 Review by: Proken
Forget about the anthem-like "Ebony and Ivory", this is Macca at his pop best. Many have said that "Wanderlust" is his best vocal performance ever, and I can't disagree. His sincere ode to John Lennon, "Here Today" sure beats that little ditty that George Harrison had a few years before. And songs like "Ballroom Dancing" and "The Pound Is Sinking" are just plain fun to listen to!

Besides "Ebony" the other singles from this were "Take It Away", a bouncy fun tune, and "Tug Of War" (which was a big hit in the UK, not so much in the US). The album does have it's low points, such as "Dress Me Up As A Robber" - yuk - and "Get It". But it's clear that re-uniting with George Martin forced Macca to get serious about writing and performing whole songs, and not just the half-baked ideas that was a lot of his 70's material.

8 out of 10.

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