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Peter Gabriel, "Security" / 1982 Review by: Javier
Peter Gabriels' fourth studio album was named "Security" by the record label, given that releasing another eponymous record was a bit confusing for the company men. Nevertheless, like in his previous album, Gabriel creates a sonic landscape designed to stimulate the senses, grey matter and dancing feet. From the techno soul of "Shock the Monkey" and "I Have the Touch", to the Carl Jung inspired "Rhythm of The Heat", these multilayered compositions have a sense of urgency that is evident upon first hearing. Even more than the previous PG album, where the drums (a la Motown) were brought up front, here the songs are written around an even more primal beat. The total absence of cymbals make the sounds more primitive, more primordial.

There's a great amount of mysticism here too. Spirituality not being the forte of western pop, it is surprising how western and contemporary tracks like "San Jacinto" and "Lay Your Hands on Me" sound, yet their exotic quality shine as well. Besides "So", PG's only commercial album, this is the most accessible record Gabriel has ever put out.

5 out of 5.

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