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Pet Shop Boys, "Behaviour" / 1990 Review by: Guillermo
Well, let me start by saying that, if you only know the most famous PSB tracks, GET THIS !! This album is fantastic, but the songs in it aren't much known. Crap marketing, I guess. This is the album true PSB fan relate to as "the best ever", which is an obvious overstatement. (I myself am more an "Actually" fan) However it IS very good, containing some good work from their more melancholic stage.

You start off with a very neat track, "Being Boring". I think you must be fed up hearing this track in your local "contemporary adult radio", but nevertheless it's a good 'un. Then there's a pair of good sad songs for ya : "Only the wind" and "Nervously". Another 2 songs who I find very well arranged, and are worth a try : "My October symphony" and "The end of the world" (personally, I think this one could be a hit). Two songs with huge titles (which PSB albuns doesn't have them ?) : "How can you expect to be taken seriously ?" and "This must be the place I waited years to leave", very good material, fast-paced yet musical tracks. And another pair who must be overplayed by now too, but I still think they're good : "So hard" and "Jealousy". Overall, only one song ruins the album, and it's "To face the truth". Well, skip it and you have a CD you won't consider lending to anyone !!

9 out of 10.

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