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Poison, "Look What the Cat Dragged In" / 1986 Review by: Thom
This album, Poisons debut, is the one that let the door open for all wannabe hair bands to follow, like Trixter. Well, if you like glam-slam thank you ma'am this is the album for you. All the songs on here are excellent, with most of them about getting laid (Ex: I Want Action, or Want Some, Need Some.) Songs on this album: Cry Tough(9.5) I Want Action(10) I Won't Forget You(5-needs to be faster, too slow) Play Dirty(8) Look What the Cat Dragged In(9) Talk Dirty to Me(10) Want Some, Need Some(10) Blame It On You(8.5) #1 Bad Boy(7.5-one of those "we're tough" songs) Let Me Go to the Show(10) GET THIS ALBUM!!!

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