Album Reviews of the 80s

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Prefab Sprout, "A Life Of Surprises - The Best Of..." / 1992 Review by: Rat Campos
Yes, I know! It was released in the 90's... But all these great songs first came out during the 80's and are now a permanent soundtrack to many of my pleasant memories of that decade. A refined and distinctly classy sound, Prefab Sprout first rose to prominence in 1982 with the single "Lions In My Own Garden: Exit Someone". Of course, most of us remember them for their 3 most popular songs: "Appetite", "Cars And Girls" and "When Love Breaks Down". I almost forgot about the sprouts a while back, then I met someone who loves them more than I ever did! And here I am, hooked again... It sure is sweeter this time around! Timeless, rich, soulful and eloquent. C'mon... sing with me! "Brucie dreams... life's a highway..."

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