Album Reviews of the 80s

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Queen, "A Kind of Magic" / 1986 Review by: Conrad Natoli
This is definitely one of Queen's greatest albums and perhaps, their most underated. Many of the tracks from the album feature on the classic Science Fiction film, Highlander. It opens with the world wide smash hit 'Kind of Magic' before sliding into the rockin' track, 'One Vision', from the film Iron Eagle.

This album shows the great diversity of Queen with brilliantly orchestrated ballads such as 'One Year of Love' and 'Who Wants to Live Forever' to accompany rock anthems like 'Princes of the Universe' and 'Friends Will Be Friends'

The strong lyrics and smooth harmonies of the group, coupled with the powerful voice of Freddie Mercury make this one of my favorite albums and one the finest albums of the decade.

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