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Red Twist, "Red Twist" / 1983 Review by: Ivan Reighardt
Heavily based on an appearance on Saturday Night Live by the band Fear. Red Twist uses basically two guitars, a set of bongos, and anything handy that they could bang together to create percussion on this first and only full-length album. There are a few noteworthy tunes, especially the evocative "Custom Camel." On "Camel," the band is really tight, displaying all of their best qualities. The lyrics rhyme in this tune, which was not a necessity for them-- and in this song, the lyrics truly flow together. They do not seem contrived, just to complete a rhyme. One of the few guitar "solos" appears in "Camel," typically out of tune and played at a different tempo and without regard to key. Red Twist are masters of tempo, of key, and of music theory. The oft-sounding dischordant passages are merely examples of the truest Punk form. They take the ordinary, turn it around, and in every way possible make the ordinary sound awful. All on purpose. In a phone interview with David B., the drummer for Red Twist, he told me

7 out of 10.

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