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REM, "Eponymous" / 1988 Review by: Doug Eagar
What can I say about REM's "Eponymous". It is by far the best albumn by REM, collecting all their early hits on one LP. In addition to being a must have for any REM fan, it also brings out the true essentials that started the alternative movement. From great lyrics to driving beats, and that oh so happy guitar work that we all are used to hearing; "Eponymous" has it all.

In the opening song,"Radio Free Europe"; we are reminded what it was like the first time listening to REM. Then follow that up with great hits like, "So. Central Rain", "Don't Go Back To Rockville", "Can't get there from here", and "The one I love". Need I go on...... O.K. I will. For the grand finale the one song that wreaks of true REM, "It's the end of the world as we know it". If that doesn't get you to go out and buy this album then you just don't like REM.

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