Album Reviews of the 80s

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Richard Thompson, "Amnesia" / 1987 Review by: Mr. Media
He is the most underrated singer-songwriter of the 1980's just short of Joe Ely. Richard and his wife Linda had gotten divorced and he took some time out to reassess himself. After stabilizing everything he came back into the studio and created a pointed powerful folk rock album. But the main reasons for listening to it is you get to hear where people like michael stipe and bruce springsteen get their sound. He begins with the awesome "Turning of the Tide" with an incredible hook, then shifts a hard rock sound with "gypsy love songs". Throughout this album we get an astonishing sound that ranges from rock to jazz to folk. He has a liquidity that goes unrivalled in this business. But the real gem lies in the last track, Pharaoh, which is a protest against those who would oppress you. "Whether it's England or Spain, if you're still in chains, then you are working for Pharaoh". If that is the case, then make me lifetime slave to Richard.

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