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Robert Fripp, "Exposure" / 1979 Review by: Adam Schmidt
Fripp was taking a break from King Crimson and called up a few of his friends (Peter Gabriel, Brian Eno, Daryl Hall, and the Roches) and mixes grade-A, USDA certified, white noise with the best pop around. It begins and ends with Fripp's sarcasm: "we're all in it for the money" and "this is all a big hoax". Somehow we get treated to weird numbers like "Chicago" and "NY3" (I mean a song with a couple's fighting in the background), then come back with beautiful numbers like "Water Music" and "North Star" and end with the experimental "Water Music II" and "Here comes the Flood, this time stripped down to just a guitar, a piano, and Gabriel's vocals. Not for people with heart conditions, the young, or the elderly. Only for adrenaline freaks.

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