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Robert Palmer, "Heavy Nova" / 1988 Review by: Tom
Robert Palmer's first release on EMI Capitol records was Heavy Nova, the heavily anticipated follow up to his multi platinum Riptide album. The 10 song collection shows Palmer trying to do a little of everything that he historically is known for musically. There are African and Latin ifluenced numbers, romantic ballads, dance oriented pop, a little R&B, and of course, straight forward driving hard rock.

With only 10 songs, the album sometimes seems a bit disjointed, as if it doesn't flow well together. There are still some notable highlights however. His duet with backup singer BJ Nelson "Tell Me I'm Not Dreaming" should have been an instant radio smash, a groove oriented dance song with a strong hint of R&B. "More Than Ever" sees Palmer in the familair realm of fast paced, agressive hard rock, less dance oriented than his 1986 smash "Addicted To Love". Palmer does well showcasing his mellow side on ballads such as "Between US" with it's samba rythym musical score and on "She Makes My Day", a major hit single for Palmer in the UK. In the states, music fans found "Simply Irresistible" just that. Another fast paced rock songs, with clever lyrics and a blinding guitar solo, the single was an instant smash, with help from one of the year's most popular MTV videos. Palmer has always shown an affection for remakes, this time chosing to redo the Gap Band's R&B hit "Early In The Morning", which again put the singer on the radio and in the US Top 20.

All in all, Heavy Nova is a good if not spectacular album, and it definately features some true musical highlights, showcasing, both good and bad, the various different styles of music Robert Palmer performs.

07 out of 10.

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