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Sammy Hagar, "I Never Said Goodbye" / 1987 Review by: Lawrence Lee
"I Never Said Goodbye," is the last of Sammy Hagar's solo albums, featuring all new material, with Geffen. This album, was released, because he still owed Geffen three albums. After much feuding between the lawyers from Geffen and Warner Brothers, it was agreed that some of the profits from 5150 was to be given to Geffen, and Sammy would only have to make one more album with Geffen.

This album, is co-produced by Eddie Van Halen, who also plays bass through out the whole album (replacing Bill Church). Also, VH Bassist sings back up, even he is not credited. Also, on this album, are current Waboritas, Jesse Harms, on keyboards, and David Lauser, on drums.

Overall, a fairly good album. The only "real" problem, that annoys people, is a lack of guitar solos. Songs like "When The Hammer falls," and "Eagles Fly" don't really have any guitar solos. The album, however, does have very good bass. Eddie Van Halen, at this time of his life, practiced virtualy no guitar, but concentrated all his efforts on Keyboards, and bass. The songs where the bass really stands out, are "What they gonna say now?" and "When The hammer falls." Songs like "Eagles Fly" and "Give To Live," ended up being in Sammy's Solo segment during his Van Halen years.

Nowadays, when Sammy performs some of the songs from this album, the "mistakes have been corrected." "Returning Home," a good song, ends up being too long, is now been shortened to about four and a half minute in concert. "Eagles Fly," live, has been elongated, and a guitar solo has been added. Also, "Standin' At THe Crossroads," is now an instrumental intro, to "Bad Motor Scooter." This is the "last" album, that features Sammy Hagar's distinct sound, as he continuted his carreer. This album, had a very well balanced mix of the instruments, and offered soft and soft songs. A good album to get, if you're a Sammy Hagar, or an Eddie Van Halen fan.

8 out of 10.

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