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Sepultura, "Beneath the Remains" / 1989 Review by: Carrion Covered Soul
I'm not the biggest fan of '80s Thrash Metal around - i didn't get into Metal until 1995, and technically i don't even listen to Heavy Metal, i listen to Death Metal and Grindcore. I didn't hear SEPULTURA's 'Beneath the Remains' until about 8 years after it had originally been released, but what i did hear simply grabbed me by the throat. 'Beneath the Remains' is borderline Death Metal in terms of speed, technicality and subject matter. Most Metal fans agree that this album is SEPULTURA's best and i definitely have no argument with that! 'Beneath the Remains' is the pinnacle of SEPULTURA's musical evolution from their simplistic, primitive origin. Even though this album is over a decade old it still features some of the most heart rending guitar riffs I've heard yet, some truly inspired lyrics, and the drumming is definitely the fastest and most intricate of any of their albums. Each song is a classic in its own way, and even by today's standards are quite complex. Instead of relying on stupid cliché subject matter, like Satanism or whatever, SEPULTURA pulled forth all their pain of having to live their childhoods in the ghettos of Brazil - in poverty - and molded that emotion into a tortured, aural form. This album paved the way for many bands to come; not only is 'Beneath the Remains' SEPULTURA's greatest musical moment, it's a highlight for the entire Metal genre as a whole. Go get it.

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