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Sex Crimes, "Rio" / 1986 Review by: Alanna

Rio "Sex Crimes" is one of the most overlooked LPs of the decade. Never on cd, and the final hurrah for this UK band, it incorporated the very best of pop and rock with no seams to trip up inbetween. You can just hear the 80s leaking out in hot and heavy rockers like the opening track "Pay For Love" and the pompous key spiced title track. Fans of latter day melodic geniuses Icon and the UK's other big delight, Shy's "Excess All Areas" will no doubt warm up to this one in no time. "Sex Crimes" was a giant leap from the more subdued lite Journey-ish debut "Borderline" but it wasn't enough to attract mainstream attention and Rio disbanded soon afterward. Unfortunately it was never released on CD.

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