Album Reviews of the 80s

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Slayer, "Decade of Aggression: Live" / 1993 Review by: Johnson
While the double-disc Decade of Aggression couldn't be expected to capture all of the unparalleled aggression of Slayer's live shows, this set comes pretty damn close. Most of the thrash metal pioneers' countless classics (including "Angel of Death," "War Ensemble," "Black Magic," "Hell Awaits," "Chemical Warfare," "Raining Blood," et al.) are featured here, but it is the sheer ferocity (and velocity) of the band members' performances which really stand out. Tom Araya's tortured screams never lose their potency, and though the unbelievable speed of guitarists Kerry King and Jeff Hanneman is shocking enough, drummer Dave Lombardo takes the cake with his double kick-drum precision and inventive fills.

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