Album Reviews of the 80s

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Stacey Q, "Boomerang" / 1997 Review by: Sean
This is Stacey Q's 5th album and a very fine one at that. "Boomerang" leaves most of Stacey's dance roots at home, instead adopting a more mellow, easy listening sound to that of the past. The 1st single off the album, "Tenderness" charted in the top 5 in parts of the world in 97/98 and it's easy to see why. Stacey's sweet, high voice make this track and all the others a treet to listen to. This album is not indicative of Stacey Q's past work. however, the style and feel she gives the sound works perfectly. Look out for the re-mix version of this album to be released 00/01 ( 10 out of 10.

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