Album Reviews of the 80s

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Starship, "Knee-deep in the Hoopla" / 1985 Review by: Paul Dean
Starships'"Knee-deep in the Hoopla", was probably my favorite from the 80's. Next to Tears for Fears, "Songs from the Big Chair", I can't think of another album(cassette) that I actually wore out from overplaying. When I think back to those years, I still smile when I think about that music and the memories that it brings back. I picture myself with my "new" Walkman listening to "We Built this City", and singing at the top of my lungs with it, without a care in the world. My review is not based on musical or lyrical quality of the album but on general appeal of an album. No other album that I can think of,was as memorable as this one.

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