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Stryper, "To Hell With The Devil" / 1986 Review by: Tom Owens
There's been many a things said about these guys. But you have to admit they tried to push a positive message.And it worked.At least for a little while. Heavy metal was peaking in the late eighties and why not a Christian Heavy metal band. The had long hair and wore yellow and black outfits. you could almost say they looked like a bunch of bumblebees but there were a lot of acts of this genre that looked worst. The strength of this band was Michael Sweet. Michael was the lead vocalist. And also played guitar and piano. Michael's vocals were a mix between every hard rock singer and Dennis DeYoung,the main vocalist for the group STYX. Stryper hit paydirt with their 1986 release "to hell with the devil". The production is excellent and every song is good. something that's very rare today. They hit the top 40 with a ballad "Honestly". and "free", "calling on you" and the "Singalong song" were also popular tracks. Their follow up 1988's "In God We trust". kept the momentum going but by 1991 Stryper's day's were over. If you like hard heavy rockin' music with a ballad or two thrown in for good measure with a positive message give Stryper's To Hell With The Devil a listen. You might have a new favorite group to listen to...

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