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Sugarcubes, "Life's Too Good" / 1988 Review by: Anthony Persons
What is the importance of music? Is it abstract? Is it, to merely gain wealth for the artist? I'd like to think, that as for the general public, we are given the option to select what we like, and cherish it. This is my example. ALthough the Sugarcubes released more than one album, this general entry is more like a "thank you" to the band. The bands eccentricity often misunderstood by others, is exactly what makes me embrace their work. Songs like, "Delicious Demon," "Cowboy," "Leash Called Love, " "Water," "Take Some Petrol Darling," "Dragon," and "Dark Disco" are perfect examples of masterful arrangements, complimented with quirky lyrics, providing a combination that is destined to provide the cheapest therapy to cheer you up. I know it has worked for me, more times than I can recall. I just wish the band would have printed translations of the songs they sang in Icelandish. Yes, there was a method to the band's madness, and I invite anyone to just sit back, listen, and maybe laugh along with them...........

9 out of 10.

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