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Taylor Dayne, "Naked Without You" / 1998 Review by: Ryan Hurney
Taylor Dayne's most recent album, released on her own independent label, is her best to date. Her astounding, Tina Turner-esque voice appears to have reached its full maturity, and Dayne's ever-progressing writing skills serve to make this her most personal as well as most accomplished disc. The opening track, "Don't make me love you", is one of two tracks written by another 80's favourite, British singer (Andrew) Roachford, and is perhaps the weakest track on the album, not the ideal choice to open with. However, press on and you will find gems such as "Whenever you fall", featured on the soundtrack of the moveir "Flawless", and te Roachford-penned title track. Dayne's cover of the Dusty Springfield classic "You don't have to say you love me" is, wisely, not a straight copy but a brave new approach, and despite her newly independent attitiude, Dayne has not completely abandoned A-list writers - the Dianne Warren penned "There is no heart that won't heal" is as big a potential hit as her more famous power ballads. The highlight, however, is "Soon as my heart breaks", a self-penned number which showcases the power of Dayne's voice perfectly through its simple but stunning piano-only backing. All in all, "Naked Without You" is a first class release that shows Taylor is far from a long-forgotten, late 80's/early 90's phenonemon, but an exciting performer with a genuine and impressive songwriting talent.

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