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Tears For Fears, "Seeds of Love" / 1989 Review by: jmg
It took four years, but it finally made it out. Was it worth the wait? I'd say yes. Not quite as worthy as "Songs From the Big Chair", but what is? The best is and will always be the title track and first single "Sowing the Seeds of Love" (#2 US, #5 UK). Other singles would follow with less and less success. "Woman in Chains" (#36 US, #26 UK) was a ballad that launched the career of black, female singer Oleta Adams. Other singles included "Advice for the Young at Heart" (#89 US, #36 UK), "Famous Last Words" (#83 UK), and supposedly "Year of the Knife" (dnc, CAN). The original version only had 8 tracks with all of them being over 3 and a half mins in length and a six of the eight over five mins. My recommendation would be to get the reissued and remastered rerelease because it has four bonus tracks.

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