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Tears For Fears, "The Hurting" / 1983 Review by: Gerald F. Schoone
I first heard TFF when they became big in '85. "Songs From . . ." was of course a great album and deserved how much publicity it and TFF got. Then in '89 they had a less successful album with only the "Sowing the Seeds" hit, but I still liked it a lot and it was subjectively significant at that time. The '93 effort (Roland Orzabal solo, continuing the name TFF) was much greater lyrically and artistically than the '89, and even more than the '85 standard bearer. This album and its significance had made them one of my favorites, if not my first favorite. For years I had known about the '83 "The Hurting" tape, but I never got it for fear of being disappointed by the content, after their three great, significant albums to date. Early in 1999 I finally bought "The Hurting", and not only is it not a disappointment, not only is it their BEST album of the six (gt. hits in '92 and "Raoul" in 1995 the others); it may be the best album I have, and I have 500+, and everything from the '80's. Needless to say this was a pleasant surprise, and I recommend "The Hurting" to anyone that likes 80's new wave, or socially conscious music, introspective music.

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