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The Clash, "London Calling" / 1979 (December) Review by: Claude Carpentieri
Although released in December 1979, The Clash's "London Calling" was voted by Rolling Stone magazine best album of the Eighties. To say that I would concur would be an understatement. The lyrics and the music you get on this record epitomise their militant and truly independent attitude. This is punk at its most genuine, but without the trite and pre-pubescent label attached to the sound. The Clash were standing FOR something...a concept sounding far-fetched when you think about today's watered down bands. Furthermore, on "London Calling", they prove to be one of the most versatile bands ever, flirting with reggae ('The Guns of Brixton), experimenting quirky folk ('Hateful'), going from rockabilly ('Brand New Cadillac') to ska territory ('Rudie Can't Fail' and 'Revolution Rock'), not to mention funk, jazz, pop and so forth. And the lyrics...if you have at least remnants of a soul, those words will hit you straightin your heart. Oh...and one more thing: 'The Right Profile' is one of the Top Five songs I've ever come across...The Pogues might owe it something. 10 out of 10 with a vengeance

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