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The Clash, "Sandinista" / 1980 Review by: Claude Carpentieri
"Sandinista" is the most experimental album The Clash ever released. After the success of "London Calling", the band decided to accomodate their increasing desire for music that would go beyond given boundaries. And here is their being punk. Ditching one-two chords-verse-and-chorus so en-vogue in 1977 and experimenting with dub, rockabilly, reggae, cajun, hip hop and all sorts. "Sandinista" was bravely released as a triple album for the price of one which meant The Clash accepted not to be paid any royalties by their label. The album might take quite a while to get into, but it's amazing, lyrically and musically. Had it being a single LP it would have easily competed with "London Calling". Best tracks: "Lightning Strikes", "Broadway", "The Magnificent Seven", "If Music Could Talk", "Washington Bullets". By far, the most political of all Clash records. The name "Sandinista" is a tribute to the left-wing guerrilla of Nicaragua.

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