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The Cure, "Disintegration" / 1989 Review by: laurent meese
'Disintgration' is the best cure release ever, it combines the gloom of 'faith' with the more powerful sound of 'pornography'. It's now a decade ago that 'disintegration' has been released, and the music has lost nothing of its vitality.

Highlights on it are 'pictures of you', a chilly, almost heartstopping song. 'Closedown' is about bandmember Lol Tolhurst, who didn't play much on the album because he was drunk most of the time. Even more fantastic are the titlesong and the bizarre and almost parlando 'homesick', full of tristesse and beaty. The other trax are all very dark and atmospheric. The mood is sad and a bit unworldly but never without hope. Getting older and losing the fascination and the real believe, that is the drift of all lyrics. Frontman Rober Smiths was really very inspired when he wrote 'the last dance', a intense almost neoromantic song about a woman, who once was only a girl.

'Swimming the same deep water' is probably the best summary of the album: there is passion and desperate longing for true understanding. As listener you have to fight against the upcoming tears. One cannot compete or communicate with a partner in dept. Never! But there's a cure!

laurent, 4-oct-1999

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