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The Cure, "Disintegration" / 1988 Review by: jeff the robofreak
This cd is the essence of the Cure. I've always said that if anyone has only one Cure cd in their spinner, this is it. Why? A perfect blend of mood and music to create a great mix of music.

From the minute this cd starts until it ends, it pulls you through an emotional tunnel of sadness, love and fear. Every song is like an epic set to music and conveys each emotion with precision. I still find myself getting lost in the whole essence of this cd and have to listened to it hundreds of times. If i had to pick one song that stands out among all of them, it would have to be the overlooked "Prayers for Rain". The song is slow and moody with sounds of the rain overdubbed in (ala 'Riders on the Storm'), but has a sound and feel that just carries all of the emotions of every other song on the album in one capsule.

All in all, I highly reccomend this cd for a good rainy afternoon when it's too cold outside to do much of anything else. Trust me, you won't be disappointed.

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