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The Cure, "Faith" / 1981 Review by: Claude Carpentieri
Second album of a trilogy including "17 Seconds" and "Pornography", The Cure's "Faith" is one of their most distinctive works. It was written at a time in which the equivocal label "goth" was starting to circulate int he music scene and it does very little to shrug it off... The approach is detached, the mood is incredibly dark and the music is minimal and sometimes tragic which is arguably what makes it such a great album and one of those with a special place in the most devoted fans' hearts. Robert Smith's worst nightmares are well on track here. The way he expresses himself on "The Drowning Man", "The Funeral Party", "Other Voices" and "Faith" hints that his frame of mind is in throes of some sort of malaise, with an overwhelming desire not to be unhappy anymore. The tape version of "Faith" was coupled with the 27 minutes long instrumental sucidal track "Carnage Visors". A wonderful album, but you've gotta be in the right mood to listen to it...otherwise... 8/10

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