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The Cure, "The Head On The Door" / 1985 Review by: Claude Carpentieri
In 1985 a more stable line-up meant a more coherent album and a return to top form for The Cure. "The Head On The Door" is certainly one of their fines moments and a turning point for their career, developing a catchier pop formula which will grant them worldwide celebrity status. Apart from the well-known singles "In Between Days" and "Close To Me", which epitomise the perfect Cure's quirky pop edge, other songs deserve a praise. "Kyoto Song", "Push" and "Sinking" in particular, are all part of that unique dimension which is Robert Smith's world. If anything is missing, it's still the fact that it's not a band's record yet. Better was to be realeased by them in the years to come. 9 out of 10 indeed.

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