Album Reviews of the 80s

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The Dukes of Stratosphear, "Psonic Psunspot" / 1987 Review by: Mr. Media
The masters of smooth pop, XTC, released this album in the late 1980's as a poisonous satire of 60's psychedleia. They changed their name to the Dukes of Stratosphear and their lead singer became Sir John Johns. They basically looked like The Byrds and Janis Joplin clothed by the Smurfs. Listening to this album is like an acid milkshake with a daisy on top. What they don't do to "snoopy and the red baron", "octopus' garden", and "good vibrations" is just short of amazing. While the rest of us are trying to get back into the days of long hair and love, XTC are torpedoing the Yellow Submarine.

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