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The Flirts, "Made In America" / 1984 Review by: TooYoo
One of my favourite disco composers and producers of the 80's is Bobby "O" a.k.a. Bobby Orlando. His music is always exciting, dance-providing and hi-nrg. So is the album "Made In America" made by Bobby together with The Flirts. The first composition "Helpless" is running over 7 minutes and it's a bomb hit despite someone can find it primitive. The album also contains a couple of tracks which are something like slight rock'n'roll. The rest is almost the same as "Helpless" but shorter. On the whole - a great album. I love such music and anybody can have half an hour of happy dancing after purchasing this item. By the way, if you like it you should also listen to Divine (not a girl group, but the greatest disco star-singer of the 80's)most of whose albums produced by Bobby Orlando. I particularly recommend to find his songs "Native Love", "Love Reaction", "I'm So Beautiful" and "You Think You're A Man". Somebody likes "Jungle Jezebel". But it isn't rap at all.

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