Album Reviews of the 80s

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The Housemartins, "London 0 Hull 4" / 1986 Review by: Claude Carpentieri
The 'Martins debut album is also their best and one of the most pivotal records of 1980s Britain. Paul Heaton's wit abrasively portrays a country in throes of right-wing politics, unemployment, apathy and a sense of fatalism. Each single track is stuffed with significance. Seriously. The consuming 'Flag Day' is probably the most political song written in the last fifteen years and very passionate are also 'Sheep' and 'Freedom'. The sound is stripped-down rock'n'roll with no frills, but it's never the less extremely catchy and magnetizing. 'Happy Hour' depicts their party mood effectively with a Fifties feel. They should have deserved more credit. But you know how things go. 9 out of 10

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