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The Lover Speaks, "The Lover Speaks" / 1986 Review by: Mr. Media
annie lennox left audiences swooning with her rendition of "No More I Love You's", but after hearing their version, it will have all the charm of a week's vacation at a Turkish prison. Two ex-punk rockers got together and created, to quote the tulsa world, "a lost gem of 'more-pretentious-than-OMD' gloss pop". Every song on this, their only album, is about the heart-breaking nature of love. Atmospheric, pretentious, and angst-ridden it has gained a loyal following in recent years. And the other virtue of it is that the album actually gets better with age. Lyrically perfect, I really admire the phrasings on this album for being so realistic. Even if you hate the album, the cover alone makes this worth the price. If you still think Annie Lennox's version is better, then you need to become the music critic for Deaf and Dumb monthly.

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