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The Only Ones, "The Only Ones" / 1979 Review by: Mr. Media
This album is one of those really good releases. And really good releases are like truffles, they are buried and you have to dig to find them. The band formed in early 1977 or so and released a few 7" to test the water with a sound baptized in The Velvet Underground, but for all the good records they did, none charted. In fact they only had one hit "Another Girl, Another Planet". But this record is a testament to genius that slipped through the cracks. Kinky lyrics and a rollicking atmosphere make this album seem shorter than it is. The band would be equally as short, too. Frustrated by slow sales and no recognition, they broke up and faded into obscurity. However, their influence would be felt far and deep. Their records directly inspired the Replacements and the Psychedelic Furs, and through these bands would spawn generations of indie rockers with a redeeming, Lo-Fi quality to them. Beyond all this it's just a sound listen that could have matched the Knack if people would have paid attention to them.

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