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The Replacements, "Tim" / 1986 Review by: achn2b
this is the replacements first major label release, after 3 albums and an ep on twin tone. here, the rough edges of their earlier work has been sanded a bit to let the strong craftsmanship and songwriting shine through. it still rocks, but doesn't stray into self parody or childish jokes.

the album kicks off with a rush, on the song, "hold my life" it trips through a variety of musical stylings, from full bore crash on "dose of thunder" to slower, moodier stuff, like "swinging party". in between, you have some countryish stylings, and a good number of strong, hook-filled rock songs. the best of these are "bastards of young", left of the dial", and "little mascara" the album's high point comes at the end, a slow, dirgy tribute/putdown to hanging in bars, "here comes a regular"

paul westerberg has written some of the greatest songs ever, with a keen eye to what it was like to be growing up and maybe not really fitting in anywhere. other replacements albums i'd recommend are heyday, let it be, pleased to meet me, and don't tell a soul. in short, this was the greatest band to come out of the eighties. they paved the way for much of the so-called "alternative" scene to come later.

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