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The Time, "Ice Cream Castles" / 198? Review by: Retroraider
Looking for the songs by The Time from the Purple Rain soundtrack? You won't find them on the Prince album. You'll find them here. The Time is the most underrated band of the entire decade, not because of their memorable performance on the movie "Purple Rain" but for what the members did later. For example, after the band split up, Terry Lewis and Jimmy Jam Harris became superproducers, producing albums by Cherelle, Alexander O'Neal, Janet Jackson ("Control") and The Human League "Crash") among others. Their successes made them two of the most sought after producers in the business, possibly only rivaled by LA and Babyface. Morris Day went out on his own and had some good R&B hits, including "Color of Success", "Fishnet", and "Gimme Whatcha Got". He also had a very short lived series on NBC called "Night and Day" along with cameo appearances on some movies such as richard pryor's .shtml"Moving". Jesse Johnson headed up Jesse Johnson's Revue and later recorded solo; releasing the funky and memorable albums "Shockadelica" and "Every Shade of Love". Jesse Johnson is described by some to be one of the most talented guitarists since Jimi Hendrix, some pretty bold statement!

"Ice Cream Castles" contains The Time's more popular hits including "Jungle Love" and "The Bird" as well as other great songs such as the title track and "My Drawers". The album is The Time just like on the movie, because that's what they were really like as an act, and that's what made them so enjoyable.

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