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Tiffany, "Hold An Old Friend's Hand" / 1988 Review by: Troy Herman
Released Oct. 21, 1988 Tiffany gave us a more mature yet uneven second album. Titled "Hold An Old Friend's Hand" this album has it's highlights and lowlights. First and foremost: Tiffany's voice is much, much stronger than on her debut album. And surprisingly much deeper. Which in part is where the more mature sounds comes in. The songs are lyrically good but the musical arrangements fail on some. The sure fire highlights are "All This Time", the title cut in which she gives a dead on impression of her idol Stevie Nicks and "Hearts Never Lie". The sure fire lowlight is hands down "Drop That Bomb". On her debut album there was a consistent rock vibe. That style fits Tiffany like a glove. However, her unscrupulous then-manager tried to stick her into more slick pop grooves. He unequivalently failed his client. For die-hard Tiffany fans like myself it's hard not to recall the personal turmoils Tiff was facing during the recording and release of this album. She was unfairly branded the bad girl, the girl next door gets rich and divorces her mother. All completely false. Tiffany's vocal talents were and still are quite evident. However, due to poor management the sometimes schlocky music overshadowed those talents. Even Tiffany has said many times that some of the music she recorded made her cringe with embarrasement. But her manager had full creative control. So let's not knock her too much. Remember- she was 16 at the time. A nice album recommended for die-hards.

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