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Tim Curry, "Fearless" / 1979 Review by: Mr. Media
He complained that he was typecast by the "Rocky Horror Picture Show" and he wanted to escape. So he did as nine-tenths of all actors think they can, and what only five can do well---sing. I was dang well tempted to laugh when I heard about this album. Every time I used to see Tim Curry, I would wait for him to bust out into drag and do a dance number. But here he shatters that, with Dick Wagner and David Sanborn (that is why the sax is so titilating) by his side he unleashes groove and soul, wit, spoof, and a dynamic range. The whole album is basically one big highlight of fun and enjoyable rock, but "I Do the Rock", a satire of his contemporaries, and "Paradise Garage" (where he out-blondie's Debby Harry)make you dance every time. MMM! Very Stimulating, Sunshine!!!

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